Operation Desert Storm
20th Anniversary
1991 - 2011

NEW 12 July 2011!
Air Force Col. Mike Roberts, the commander of
the Ohio Air National Guard's 178th Fighter Wing.
"20 years later: Former Gulf War POW,
current Ohio Air National Guard member
remembers captivity"

Updated 12 July 2011!
Over 250 photos of the people, places and aircraft
that made up the Lucky Devils and Forgotten 1000:

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Official USAF Photos from Qatar
Take a look courtesy of the Defense Visual Information Center!

"Yule in Qatar: Troops Make Do, if Not Merry"
From the Los Angeles Times, 25 December 1990

Gulf Mission
A look at the Gulf War Record of the 614th TFS Lucky Devils
from Key Publishing's AirForces Monthly in June 1992.

"SA-2 Active, western Kuwait!" I thought, "No kidding, he's on me!"
An interview with "Ruhldog" Ruhlman

From November 1991 - Courtesy of Lou Drendel

Why the 'Forgotten 1000'?
"In Qatar, Forgotten U.S. Warriors Wait"
From the New York Times, 25 December 1990

"I Remember"
Memories of the Gulf by the 'Forgotten 1000'
starting with Bruce 'Orville' Wright

“Forgotten 1,000” Braced in Qatar.
From the Stars and Stripes
January 17, 1991

Target for Today:
With Cockpit Video
January 19, 1991

257's Canopy Comes Home
From F-16.net and the Pima Air Museum

'Forgotten 1000' won't soon forget the man they proudly called their 'boss'. From the Gulf Guardian
March 28, 1991

'Tico' and 'Cujo' Back! POW's release lifts the spirits of wing troops.
From the Gulf Guardian
March 8, 1991

How did we end up in Qatar?
Here is the original Air Force Site
Survey for the Doha Airport.

"Good morning Mike, do you have any plans for tomorrow?"
"No, not really..."
"Good. How would you like to go to Qatar?"

The Call - A Mechanic's Story

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